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Sunderland B.S greets all budgerigar fanciers.....Come and Join Us !  

 For Up To Date  information on the fancy in our area its activities and its members.

To read the North East National 2015 Show Schedule, please click HERE

To read the North East National 2014 Show Report, please click HERE

Sunderland BS how has new premises and a new meeting date ! To learn more, click HERE


Firstly, are you just looking to find out more about breeding budgerigars.  If so, please read through and enjoy this site, and then click HERE for a general guide to the budgerigar fancy. ( If you do that straight away, don't forget to come back and find out more about Sunderland BS !!

Secondly, ARE YOU A BREEDER OF BUDGERIGARS AT PRESENT?   If you are, but do not attend club meetings at present, but keep your birds purely for enjoyment and perhaps breed a few birds as pets, we invite you to give us your details for a new Pet Breeders' Register (for which there is NO charge). This register will aim to list fanciers in our wider area to provide contacts for those looking for pet birds, breeding stock etc. Contact Dave Herring by email on herring57@btinternet.com, or telephone 5651415

I will continue to maintain and sponsor this site, as I have for the past few years and welcome any contributions, from members, to these pages. So--- I will try to play 'catch up' very quickly and hope that members will tell me if I have missed anything :-


Officials for 2013.


President J Staples

Vice President G Carr

Chairman J Wanless

Vice Chair D Harding

Secretary J Staples

Treasurer  K Thompson

Ass Secretary D Herring

Minutes Sec K Allison

Publicity Sec D Herring

Auditor  vacant


Meeting night Speakers confirmed  at present are:- 


6th MARCH     Brian Batey

 I am happy to report that the society continues to meet at the Grindon Club, Gregory Road, Grindon - which is on the same estate as the North East National show Hall (on Grindon Lane, (top, right, on map below).

       We have enjoyable meetings, but they would be considerably more so with the addition of a few new members - or indeed with frequent visits from some of our present members. Budgerigar breeding remains   a fascinating and stimulating fancy and in its very nature is an ideal hobby for all livestock lovers, whether they be male or female, young or old, able bodied or dealing with any kind of disability.

We would be delighted to welcome anyone who wishes to know more about our hobby .  Our members will be delighted to discuss the hobby  with all who wish to know more about it.


Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month starting at 7:30 pm.    As always, we cordially invite you to join us !  

About the Society
The Sunderland Budgerigar Society was founded in the late 1940's at a time when the budgerigar fancy was growing. In the intervening time there have been periods of decline in our membership, and the fancy in general, but we hope that following recent problems, the fancy is once again on the way up. We are a small society but there is still around 14 -20 people turn up to every meeting out of a base of thirty or so members who attend regularly. We have plenty of room for more, enthusiastic, members, who will help boost our numbers. The more the merrier!

The budgerigar fancy appeals to a wide range of people, irrespective of ages and gender and Sunderland Budgerigar Society welcomes all fanciers, whatever form their interest takes, be it breeding birds for pets, to exhibit, or merely to keep as a collection of birds - for example, to enhance a back yard or garden.

At our meetings, we provide basic information and opinion on the breeding and exhibiting of the modern budgerigar, through the views and activities of our members, but chiefly via our visiting speakers.After conducting the society’s official business, which only takes a half an hour or so, we spend the rest of the time in projects aimed at increasing our knowledge of the fancy, either by  general discussion, viewing videos or presentation concerning other fanciers but increasingly often, as we build up in numbers we try to secure the services of speakers and panels from other societies and other parts of the region to come and talk to us about their experiences and difficulties in the breeding and exhibiting of budgerigars. They also share advice with our members about particular problems or queries that they may have.

   We are always on the look-out for new speakers and subjects, so anyone who has any ideas about this should contact our General Secretary, or indeed any of the officials of the society.

 This site is aimed to report this and as time goes on, we hope to add more articles, etc about basics Please let us know what you think of the site and any ways in which you feel that it may be improved, by additions ---- or deletions!.

All fanciers - and especially folk who think that they would like to take up this fascinating hobby - are cordially invite to come along to any of our meetings, as a visitor, before deciding to join the society.


 We hold an OPEN SHOW, with South Shields Budgerigar Society. This is called  the North East National -- see separate pages, listed in the margin to the left hand side of all these web pages. The next show will be held on Sunday, 17th August 2014, in the Grindon Young People's Centre, Grindon Lane, Sunderland.


Subscriptions   for membership of the society are far from exorbitant  - only £4.00  per year.



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